1237  Tree-tone Oxford Brown Bootie Heels (12.5cm)
1237  Tree-tone Oxford Brown Bootie Heels (12.5cm)1237  Tree-tone Oxford Brown Bootie Heels (12.5cm)1237  Tree-tone Oxford Brown Bootie Heels (12.5cm)1237  Tree-tone Oxford Brown Bootie Heels (12.5cm)1237  Tree-tone Oxford Brown Bootie Heels (12.5cm)1237  Tree-tone Oxford Brown Bootie Heels (12.5cm)


CODE: 1237


1237  Tree-tone Oxford Brown Bootie Heels (12.5cm)

Material                        PU Leather

Color                            Brown

Heel Height                   12.5cm (Nonadjustable)

Hidden Platform Height    3cm (Nonadjustable)

Width                           7cm

Size                             KR    225/230/235/240/245/250 

                                  EU    34 / 35 / 36 / 37 / 38 / 39        

Size difference depends on measurement position(size is based on 235mm)

SHOESONE KOR sizes are based on millimeter(mm) measurement. 

It is best to measure your foot in millimeters first. 

Measure your foot with a meauring tape or ruler. 

Make sure you are standing, wearing the type of socks you will wear with your new shoes. 

Once you have your KOR(mm) size, 

use the table above to convert your measurement to your US or EUR shoe size. 

Kindly indicate this measurement in your orders.

*Buyer can consider one size BIGGER if the foot measurement is too close to the maximum lenth of the size range or you have wide feet,kindly take one size BIGGER!!

NOTE: It is important to determine your KOR(mm) measures. 

Some shoe models may have slightly different US/EUR conversions from the size guide above 

(e.g. 225_33 instead of the standard 225_34). 

This is because of specialized shoe designs. 

To avoid confusion, please use your KOR(mm) measurement in selecting your shoe size 

(i.e. focus on the KOR(mm) size 225 and not on the US/KOR conversion).


 Please click here to Finding the Perfect Fit.

SHOESONE has a dedicated production base capable of making limited edition items from

unique materials.

This is the opposite of mass-produced shoes you see on mega sites on the web. 

Think of yourself as special if you purchased a SHOESONE product, as these are made in

verylimited supplies exclusively for us.

SHOESONE runs a manufacturing base using a very strict quality control system.

Each special product is created in small volumes through meticulous handiwork.

This is why popular goods may easily run out of stock from our online reservation system.

Consequently, this might cause the shipment of popular items to be delayed.

If you wish to purchase one of these popular goods, kindly contact us in advance.

Hoping for your kind understanding.


SHOESONE's unique and intricate designs are 100% handmade.
We value the high expectations of our esteemed customers so we encourage you to carefully decide on your purchase.
If you are sensitive to handcrafted imperfections, kindly keep in mind that return and exchange may not be possible.

Please consider this carefully prior to purchase.

SHOESONE is constantly challenging ourselves in making your perfect shoes.
We ensure you that we are dedicated to delivering only high qulity merchandise fashioned to fit your distinct taste.

Interacting with you and being authentic is important to us. 
We believe your feedback makes our site fresh, relevant, and democratic. 
We welcome your comments through shoesone.biz & the social networking sites and through our product reviews.

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